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Martham Church ~ Windows & Stained Glass

Rarely do you find windows with identical tracery in different churches, but interestingly, the tracery of the windows at the east end of the aisles is exactly the same as the tracery of the clerestory windows of the magnificent church of St. Peter Mancroft in Norwich.  


STAINED GLASS.  Most of the remaining medieval stained Flemish glass and glass of the Norwich School was collected during the 1855-61 restoration and placed in the east windows of the aisles, however not always correctly.

When the original windows were installed people would have known exactly who the people depicted were and the scenes portrayed.  Nowadays however there is some uncertainty about some of them, although the following information is as accurate as possible from our current knowledge.





The top windows of the panels contain eagles.


The panel on the left has at the top a seraph on a wheel.


Below that is St Michael with scales.


Below that is St. James the Great as a pilgrim returning from Compostella carrying his pilgrim staff, rosary beads and with a cockle shell in his hat.


Below that is St. John the Evangelist? Or the Baptist?


At the bottom is a grotesque figure with a staff in his eye?


The centre panel has at the top, angels with scrolls.


Below that is St. Michael weighing up the bad and good in souls.  Note the naked souls in the scale pans on one side and the devils in the pan on the other.


Below that is Eve spinning. (Unfortunately, the corresponding stained glass window of Adam delving with his spade in the Garden of Eden, plus Adam & Eve walking through the Garden of Eden, and other glass was taken to Mulbarton Church, 25 miles away, in the early nineteenth century by a curate who became rector at Mulbarton.  This glass can still be seen in the East window of Mulbarton Church).  


The panel on the right has at the top a cherub.


Below that is an angel with a sword depicting Principalities.


Below that is a tonsured ecclesiastical dignitary with a staff and book.


At the bottom is St. Margaret of Antioch without a crown but with a dragon at her feet.




The top left panel is of King Edward III and at the top right is his Queen Phillipa (of Hainault).  (Edward III was a much loved king who died in 1377 after reigning for 50 years.)


Below the King is St. Juliana with the devil on a chain.


Below that is the Ascension with people looking up to heaven.


At the bottom is St. Edmund – King of East Anglia, martyred by the Danes in 869.


The middle panel shows at the top the Crucifixion.


Below that is Christ wearing the crown of thorns, being mocked before his Crucifixion.


Below that is The Virgin Mary holding Jesus with the boy St. John the Baptist standing at her feet.


The top right panel shows below Queen Phillipa,


Below that is either St. Agnes or St. Anna.


Below that is possibly the Resurrection with Christ still wearing the crown of thorns.


Below that is St Margaret of Antioch wearing a crown.




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